Hope Within Reach

Teen Challenge Southeast sets the standard for faith-based addiction recovery and has become a pivotal solution in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse in the United States.

Adult Men

Teen Challenge residential programs help men discover the man God intends for them to be - free from destructive and life-limiting addictions

Adult Women

We are committed to helping women break the cycle of substance abuse and addiction by focusing on coping skills, social skills, and the work ethic.

Adolescent Boys

Our Christian boarding schools assist teen boys ages 12-17 to turn their focus from "self" to service of others through character-building curriculum and Christian principles.

Adolescent Girls

Our warm and welcoming Christian boarding schools help young teen ages 13-17 develop godly character, self-respect, and a sense of right and wrong.


We Provide Hope!

Our dream is to put hope within reach of every addict or at-risk youth by offering life transformation through our caring, Christ-centered programs. Through our proven solutions for life-controlling addictions, our hope is that every Teen Challenge student will become a productive member of society. Mentally sound. Emotionally balanced. Physically well. Spiritually alive.

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Susan – Letter from a Parent

The Journey When my daughter, Sandra, turned 16, I started noticing a change in her. Certain things ...


Jason was influenced at the young age of 11 by his father who sold drugs. His addictions escalated...


Christy was addicted to prescription pain medication and cocaine. She hated herself and her life. ...


Dan was raised in a Christian home but went his own way after high school. He took a path of destr...


Kristina was depressed, broken, angry, and addicted. She was hopeless, until her mother urged her ...


South Florida Women’s Home Christin was raised in church, but later realized she had no real co...


Sandra was broken and lost. She poisoned her life with alcohol and drug use. When she finally ca...


Shana's life was in turmoil before Teen Challenge, leading her to destructive relationships and ...



” The Teen Challenge program succeeds when all of the government programs have failed.”
Charles Colson

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Why not raise the BOTTOM?


You’ve heard it said, “They must hit bottom before they will be ready to get help.” Do you have to wait until they hit bottom? Or is there something you can do to help “raise the bottom” so your loved one can get help sooner? What does it mean to “hit bottom?” We often look […]



12 Drug Prevention Tips for Parents


Every Parent wants to ensure that their kids do not get involved with drugs. It is important for parents to make preventative measures in order to help ensure that their kids do not get involved with these unhealthy behaviors Focus on what “good things” you want to develop within your child. Develop these by spending […]


Portrait of disappointed mature businessswoman thinking over something

6 Characteristics of an Enabler


Enabling is rescuing your loved ones so that they do not experience the painful consequences of their irresponsible decisions. Enabling is anything that stands in the way of persons experiencing the natural consequences of their own behavior. Here are six common characteristics of an enabler: 1. Works for self-improvement. “If I were a better parent/grandparent/friend, […]



Do’s and Don’ts of talking to your TEEN

addiction, Parenting, Teens

Many parents avoid talking to their teenagers about drug use and abuse because they fear an awkward conversation or don’t know the best way to approach the subject. However, especially in today’s society, this conversation is more important than ever. The following tips can make this conversation easier to have. Do Do keep it honest […]



3 Ways to “Raise the Bottom”

addiction, Enabling

How do we “raise the bottom?” You’ve heard it said, “They must hit bottom before they will be ready to get help.” Do you have to wait until they hit bottom? Or is there something you can do to help “raise the bottom” so your loved one can get help sooner? Here are three great […]



How the Alcoholic Thinks

addiction, alcoholism

How The Alcoholic Thinks Friends and family of active alcoholics ask me to explain how the alcoholic thinks. I am happy to share what I have learned after we establish what their motives are. The Insanity of Alcoholism Sadly, well-intentioned folks try to protect the alcoholic from him/herself (enabling) or try to predict what they […]



A Parent’s Guide to Drug Abuse

addiction, Parenting

This is a guide for parents which we are always updating with the latest information available. One of the most effective ways parents can prepare themselves to combat drugs is by learning about drugs and drug abuse. Whether it’s the latest street lingo or a list of signs that your child is using drugs, this […]



The Signs that Something is WRONG

addiction, Parenting, Teens

Some Common Signs That Your Child is Using Drugs or Alcohol When children start using drugs they usually exhibit many different signs which parents need to watch out for. Unfortunately, many parents often write-off these signs as normal adolescent behavior and as a result they don’t realize that their child is into drugs until it […]



How to Write an Intervention Letter

addiction, Enabling

You run an intervention to break through a wall of denial and to convince a loved one to get the help they need. During an intervention, you need your loved one to feel concern and compassion rather than blame and shame and he or she needs to understand how serious things have become, how the […]



Why there is ALWAYS Hope

addiction, Teens

It’s heartbreaking to watch a loved one destroy their body and mind through abuse, and we often feel as though there is nothing we can do to make things better, and not through lack of trying either. Addictions show incredible resilience, and addicts continue their abuse even in the face of some terrible consequences. Families […]