Thank you for your interest in Columbus Teen Challenge Women’s Home, where life transformation happens! We offer help to those whose lives have been damaged by the terrible effects of drug and alcohol dependency, co-dependency, and other life controlling problems.

You may be the parent, spouse, or loved one of an individual who is trapped in the life shattering bondage of addiction. You may be struggling with drugs or alcohol yourself. Whoever you are, and whatever the case may be, your search has led you to us. We believe that there is hope, and Teen Challenge can help.

At Columbus Teen Challenge Women’s Home, you will find caring people who seek to reach those in need with the sincere love of God. Our program is comprehensive in nature, and is designed to address not only addiction, but also the deeper life issues, which often lead to such problems. The journey to freedom started when you entered our website. Take the next step now. You may call our office, or submit the email form found by clicking the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of your screen. Hope and healing are available today.

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