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Getting Your Love One Into Treatment

Getting Your Loved One Into Treatment

Often the Hardest Step is Getting Them to Agree to Get Help

getting your loved one treatment for their addictionIndividuals who are actively addicted will rarely decide to get help on their own (it does happen, but not often). Typically addicts need encouragement from family, an employer, or the legal system to begin the journey of recovery.  We have a variety of services designed to help your loved one be successful, but often the hardest step is getting them to agree to get help. If you need more ideas visit our intervention page. 

This page is designed to give you some ideas about how you can help your loved one begin to access the services that will help him or her succeed.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment and Recovery Services Across the Southeast

For nearly 60 years, Teen Challenge alcohol and substance abuse addiction recovery program for adults has provided long-term recovery for tens of thousands of individuals. We are the largest and longest continuously operated group of addiction recovery centers in the world, with over 200 centers in the U.S. and over 1,000 more centers worldwide.

  • Outpatient Treatment – In-person or Telehealth
  • Long-term Residential Recovery – Faith-Based 12-15 months
  • Job Opportunities for Graduates
  • Transitional Housing and Aftercare programs for Graduates

These offerings allow Teen Challenge Southeast to effectively serve individuals with a broad spectrum of addiction issues; from those seeking treatment for the first time to those who have been struggling with addiction for many years.

Choosing the Best Option

While you may feel your loved one needs residential treatment (and you are probably correct), you may have difficulty convincing them to start at that level of care. A very helpful first step is to convince your loved one to have a talk with one of our counselors. Teen Challenge Southeast offers online or in-person addiction counseling sessions at a very low cost!

Teen ChallengeHope Counseling Southeast, a part of Teen Challenge, now offers faith-based, outpatient counseling for men, women, and teens with life-controlling issues. Please see our options below to find a service that works for you. 

  • Individual Counseling – Speak with a professional counselor online or in person.

  • Couples Therapy – Book a counseling session between you and a loved one.

  • Group Counseling – Family and relationship therapy is available for groups of three or more.

Importance of Being Ready for Help

Once the treatment recommendation is made, it’s up to the individual to agree to it. We can’t force people into treatment or force them to stay. Sometimes someone will refuse to go to residential care but will agree to go to outpatient. In this case, there should be an understanding by the individual and family that if they fail in outpatient, they will agree to inpatient. A contract can be signed to agree to these terms. The contract is not legally binding; it is just a way to create some accountability.

addiction treatment for loved onesAnother option is to consider what if any leverage you have with your loved one and use that leverage to either get them to go to treatment or the assessment. Examples of leverage might be ending certain financial arrangements you have with them or limiting contact with grandkids until they get help.

Sometimes you have leverage and oftentimes you don’t. What’s always important is that whenever you address your concerns with your loved one you are doing it in a kind and caring way. Addiction often can create anger and hostility in family relationships. If we express our concerns while angry it can have the opposite of the desired effect.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to call! Teen Challenge Southeast is here to help and to put hope within reach.
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