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girls boarding schoolsFor girls (age 12-17) with life-controlling issues or lack of motivation, a warm and supportive environment welcomes them in one of our boarding schools. Our year-round schools allow each girl to continue her education while facing the issues that are preventing her from success in life and may limit her ability to have a healthy future.  The structured programs provide the girls with individual, group, and family counseling and mentoring, equine therapy, inspirational speakers, plus therapeutic and recreational opportunities. Each element of the program contributes to the transformation of a once-troubled teenager.  New and positive character qualities are taught, modeled, and adopted. Voluntary community service projects allow the girls to gain a sense of worth and significance through serving others. Most importantly, the girls grow in their faith as they realize the great love of God and His purpose in their life.  The year-round Teen Challenge boarding school programs are designed to develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline, godly character, a sense of right and wrong, and self-respect. The final result is an academically superior graduate, who is full of hope, care, poise, peace, and God’s grace. 

Columbus Girls Academy
14 Motts Drive Seale, AL 36875
Office: 334.855.3695


Kansas City Girls Academy
5506 Cambridge Ave Kansas City, MO 64129 
Office: (888)452-8011


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