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Kevin & Sandy Cummings

Executive Directors

  • Executive Directors

For over eighteen years, Kevin and Sandy Cummings have worked extensively with troubled youth, adults, and families bound by the snares of addiction. Kevin and Sandy served as Executive Directors of Southwest Florida Teen Challenge in coastal Ft. Myers, Florida, Men’s, Women’s, and Re-Entry Centers. Over the years, Southwest Florida Teen Challenge has become a model, which TC leaders from many nations have visited to learn innovative program components, carried out with excellence. In addition, Kevin was dually employed as a Divisional Leader for all Women’s Centers in the Southeast Region.

Upon, Invite from TCUSA, Kevin has served as a regional and national conference speaker, writing and teaching curriculum at numerous conference throughout the country. Moreover, he served on the Global Teen Challenge Training staff, assisting in launching GTC Trainings Schools Teen Challenges in foreign countries, particularly Brazil and South America. He was responsible for providing administrative and staff training, while issuing Program Accreditation Standards on behalf of GTC.

Lastly, Kevin served as President/CEO of Alabama Teen Challenge, overseeing centers throughout the state.

Today, they are sowing their lives as Executive Directors of Teen Challenge Southeast Region in Pensacola, Florida.

Kevin and Sandy live out their conviction that the best days for Teen Challenge are ahead of us witnessing lives liberated and destinies fulfilled by the power of our living & loving God!

Kevin and Sandy celebrate over 14 years of marriage. As parents of four-year-old twins, Kaden and Savannah, their days are filled with love, purpose, and the many thrills of family life. Their family enjoys good times at the beach, being on the water, and the pure entertainment of the twins dancing to their favorite tunes. The Cummings family is anticipating a great move of God among the staff and students in Pensacola and throughout the Southeast Region.