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Prevention and Awareness

Our Prevention Program: Ambassadors of Compassion

As addiction statistics continue to rise at staggering rates, Teen Challenge Southeast is taking proactive steps to reach today’s teens and help them build strong character and resiliency before addiction recovery is ever needed.

We recently joined with Lift Up America, to bring their leadership program called Ambassadors of Compassion to middle and high school students. The AOC curriculum teaches leadership, character, and responsibility to teens so they take ownership of their personal behaviors while learning the value of giving back to their community. By positively impacting students during such an influential time in their lives, we can work towards preventing drug abuse before it begins.

For 15 weeks, students gather in groups at school and are guided through the curriculum by coaches from Teen Challenge and community volunteers. A strong volunteer base is critical to the success of the Ambassadors of Compassion program and makes all the difference in how the students connect with and apply the curriculum at school, at home, and in their communities.

Please join us and AOC in shaping today’s youth by contacting our corporate office at 706.596.8731.


Of the student’s who’ve completed the
Ambassadors of Compassion program,



report enhanced self esteem and belief in their own potential.



better understand the importance of education and have a desire to succeed.



say they now make choices on what they believe is right, not what others tell them

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