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Looking for rehabs near me for yourself or a man, woman, a teen boy or teen girl in your life that needs some real help?

When drugs or alcohol wreck a life, many addicted men, women, teens, and their families seek an easy solution at short-term rehabs. Unfortunately, these costly options usually offer short-term solutions, unlike the low-cost, long-term Christian addiction treatment available for men, women, and teens at Texas Teen Challenge.

You want complete healing from life-controlling addictions at rehabs near me for struggling addicts. That’s why Texas Teen Challenge rehab treatment centers offer a holistic approach and offer time to heal and change – for a full year at little to no cost to you or your family.

Texas Teen Challenge has rehabs near me that provide long-term solutions for drug and alcohol abuse! Residents at our Christian addiction treatment centers discover how to enjoy life–mentally sound, emotionally balanced, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Many current staff members at Texas Teen Challenge completed our Christian addiction treatment program themselves. They know from personal experience how challenging recovery can be from addiction and ensure it does not return.

That’s why adult and teen residents receive round-the-clock assistance, as well as education in relapse prevention and coping skills. The Texas Teen Challenge program also includes a 13-week intensive life reconstruction course called The Ultimate Journey.

These Christian rehabs near me in Texas gives broken men, women, teen girls, and teen boys new hope, new life, new purpose.

Because each rehab and Christian addiction treatment center treats the whole addict, struggling men, women and teens can deal with the very foundation of his or her addiction. As a result, this residential educational program in TX helps addicts undo the damage wrought in their lives by substance abuse. As a man, woman, teen boy or teen girl tackles the deep-seated issues that led to his or her addiction, they can find much-need hope and transform their lives through a caring, Christ-centered program.

Imagine your loved one living a whole new life after graduating from Texas Teen Challenge rehabs near me – a life without self-destructive use of drugs or alcohol!

At these separate Texas-based Christian addiction treatment residential programs, your loved one will receive housing, meals, transportation, group counseling, and mentoring from experienced staff. Plus, each resident participates in a work-study program to obtain vocational training he or she can use back home to support his or her success and new job opportunities. They’ll even have access to GED courses to improve their options for college and earning an essential degree in the future.

The aim is that every Texas Teen Challenge rehab center or boarding school graduate will become a productive member of society.

Please don’t ignore the devastating effects of any addiction or self-destructive behavior that you or your loved one face now. Get on the path towards growth, healing, and lasting change for your best life.

Permanent change takes time. So does discovering your true purpose in life and training for a worthywhile career. Texas Teen Challenge staff understand the experience of addiction —and they’ve alsotaken another path, finding a new way to live at rehabs near me. As a man, woman, or teen resident living on a secure separate campus, your loved one can find healing for a broken life and forgiveness for harmful choices. You can experience love, acceptance, and a real sense of community through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Take the high road to a healthy life back home.

Find the solution for lifelong recovery at our Texas Teen Challenge rehabs near me by calling (866)-913-4181. Your call and your sensitive information will always be kept private. Or browse through our Christian addiction treatment center website at https://teenchallengetx.org, and submit the inquiry form.

Addicted men, women, teen boys and teen girls can find a higher calling in life and build a Christ-centered spiritual foundation for permanent sobriety at these Texas Teen Challenge rehabs near me. Here, long-suffering men, women, and teens learn the life and coping skills they need to return home ready to resume a vital role and reach out to others.

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